Book Reviews

'This book aims to summarise and synthesise the state of the art of this rapidly developing, strongly multidisciplinary field of research, which expanded almost exponentially over the last 20 years... As the book is crossing the boundaries between biology, geology, chemistry and physics, the main group of users will be the advanced students and professionals with a keen interest in the fascinating and exciting world of Cold Water Coral research.'
Prof Tjeerd CE van Weering, Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
The EGGS, European Geosciences Union Newsletter, Issue 36, October 2011

'This is an absorbing, well-written, book that does an excellent job of concisely presenting a huge amount of information. It is enhanced by excellent illustrations and figures, a glossary and case studies, as well as online supplementary material...those with an interest in marine science will find it a great addition to their bookshelf.'
Owen Jones, British Ecological Society
The Bulletin, Volume 41(4), 2010

'If only I were a mermaid! That was my first thought on reading this exemplary book on cold-water corals... the four writers adapt style to content with flair, and the range of subject matter presented will keep readers on their toes and turning the richly illustrated pages with anticipation and satisfaction. It is a real gift of this volume to bring together what too often is dealt with separately; thus organismal level biology is side-by-side with habitat ecology, the present is next to the evolutionary past, highly academic discourse is flanked by descriptions which convey a very palpable excitement and awe regarding the challenges faced by deep-sea researchers... For those of us unlikely to become mermaids any time soon, this book is as good as it gets.'
Dr Francesca Marubini, School of Biological Sciences
University of Aberdeen, UK
Ocean Challenge, Volume 17(1), 2010

'There is a race going on between the scientific exploration of one of the most fascinating marine ecosystems and its possible destruction... Four experts have teamed up to assemble the current knowledge on these systems under siege. The result is a book containing a wealth of detailed information and instructive illustrations, spanning all aspects of this wonderful world in the dark ocean.'
Professor Jörg Ott, Department of Marine Biology
University of Vienna, Austria
Marine Ecology, Volume 31(4): 643-644, 2010

'Cold-Water Corals is the first comprehensive synthesis of one of the most active areas of current deep-sea research... It is highly recommended to scientists and students looking for a basic introduction on the topic of cold-water corals.'

Dr Sandra Brooke, Director of Coral Conservation

Marine Conservation Biology Institute, USA
Oceanography, Volume 23(1), 2010


Corals of shallow, warm water areas are most familiar to people, and most easily studied. This book opens to us a whole new world of cold-water corals... Whether you want a highly technical discussion on coral biology, or just a fascinating glimpse into a unique and beautiful world, this book has it all.
Andy Hamilton
Biodiversity, Volume10(4): 47-48, 2009

‘This volume represents a major benchmark in our understanding of deep-water coral habitats and provides a springboard for the continuing studies of these dynamic and biodiverse environments in the deep sea.’
Professor Paul Tyler, National Oceanography Centre
University of Southampton, UK

‘A must for anyone interested in this fascinating but still poorly known deep-sea fauna.’
Dr Tony Koslow, Director, California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI)
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA

‘Roberts, Wheeler, Freiwald and Cairns have produced a remarkable text that will set the standard for many years to come.’
Professor Imants G. Priede, Director, Oceanlab
University of Aberdeen, UK

'The major merit of this book is both to demonstrate the richness of cold water coral ecosystems and their ecological complexity but also their vulnerability, the gaps in our knowledge and the need to protect them rapidly, especially those found within the High Seas outside of any current jurisdiction.'
Professor Denis Allemand, Scientific Director
Centre Scientifique de Monaco