A new Carbon Footprint tool has been developed at Stanford University, which allows you to calculate, from your life style and country, what your carbon footprint is.  The carbon footprint tool gives you the opportunity to take a critical view of your own energy consumption, and to find solutions to decrease their personal emissions.

This tool is part of the I2I - Inquiry to Insight - e-learning project, developed for students to learn about Climate Change in order to take action. The project has also created a virtual lab, where you can set up your own virtual ocean acidification experiment. In the virtual lab, you can complete the procedural steps of the experiment: setting up replicate cultures, feeding the larvae, making water changes, and observing the changes in the larvae over time. Then, you set up slides for measurement (morphometric) analysis. You then make the larval measurements yourselves on a subset of the larvae (a different subset for each person), calculate the treatment means, and then can compare your subsample results to the entire statistical sample. The data you analyze are actual data addressing this question gathered by I2I scientists